Four Weeks…

Four weeks… thats’s all we have left of Summer!
At the end of August my two big babies head back to school…

Baby J is going to be in pre-k. He will go half days all week. I think the routine of doing the same thing every day will be good for him, and I am excited to see how he grows this year.

Little M will be in second grade! Because we have moved, she will be starting second grade in a new school. She is a little nervous about it, but she and I are both sure that she will make new friends in no time. She is super excited to be back in school!

I will miss my babies, I always do, and I love that we have so much fun together. These Summers just fly by, and I know the Fall will, too. But I also love the routine of Fall, and watching how my little ones change and grow over the school year.
Bring it on, school year 2015! We are ready for you!

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