Half A Year!

So much can happen in six months, and so much has…

Six months ago we brought our baby home from China, and what a crazy roller coaster of a ride it has been since!

She spent the first four months in and out of the hospital, learning English, learning how to be part of a family, and learning to be happy.

She has been through so much, but she has changed so much, also… she is happy, and she is attaching to her family. She is funny, and she is learning to play. She hugs, and loves, and fights, and pitches fits, and cuddles, and laughs… with her family.

She has come so far from the forlorn, completely miserable girl we were in China with, and we are relieved and glad to see this transformation. She fits in with our family so well, and she is loved to pieces…

Happy six months, tiny P! We sure do adore you!

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