Makeover Monday

Because I get bored, and we have been at home constantly for the past years, I have been changing things up around the house… I am working my way through the house, but first I wanted to update our boring living room.

Change is good!

Last year, our living room looked like this, during the Christmas season.

Now…it looks like this!

I absolutely love it, the green is way outside my usual color palette choice, but it’s so deep a green that it really works well with everything. I already can’t wait to see how this works with Christmas decorations!

What is your favorite part of this makeover?

Shopping deets are at the bottom…keep scrolling, and check out the rest of the pictures!

Many of the antique pieces came from local antique shops, including the ladder, the desk I used as a side table, the large scrolled panel on the mantel, the wooden bowl, and the small wooden stool.

Target is my fave…the rug, pillows, throw blanket, fuzzy ottoman, trays, and pumpkin decor is from my fave.

The wood coffee table is from World Market.

The planters are from Anthropology.

The couch and daybed are from joybird

The pampas grass is here. The plants are here and here.

The little matching game in the wooden bowl is one of Paisley’s favorites, and we play it often! It’s printed very nicely, and it looks pretty sitting out for easy access and quick cleanup. Get it here.

The logs in the fireplace are from a firewood pile, and I whitewashed them to make them stand out. The candles around the logs are here. They are on the smaller side, but I used a lot. They have a little remote control, so you don’t have to switch on every candle!

The amber bottle on the mantle are beer bottles I added stickers to, and the wheat stalks are here.

Happy Shopping!

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