A Little Art From Little M…

little M did this with oils in art class. It is a self portrait. She is on a stage, naturally.

This is her collage…

In the corner, it says created by M, “the heart warrior.” Presh!

I love her leaves. I love when she draws trees, because the leaves on her trees make me so happy. They are always teardrop shapes, and they are always multi-colored.

Ger labels crack my up. Her brightly colored bird is adorable, but obviously you can only see one side of this bird. So, for your information, “pink is on other side.” Ha!

This pony loves this bird’s music.

“This is not my favorite picture, mommy, because yellow is not my favorite, but at least the pony is happy.” Yes. At least…

“Dear mommy, I love you so much, you make my heart twinkle.”

I make her heart twinkle! Twinkle!! I heart this.

I also love being ALSOM!!!


  1. Renate on June 20, 2015 at 1:26 pm

    Little M is a real artist! Love the bright colors!

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