A Little Bad News

Last Monday we were told that our adoption agency (the one we are doing our Taiwan adoption through) is closing down. They are bankrupt, and so it looks like Commonwealth will no longer be our agency. At first I was crushed, and overwhelmingly disappointed. We were afraid that this might be the end of this adoption, and that Taiwan might be out of the picture for us.

Our Taiwan director at Commonwealth, Ray, has really been an advocate for Taiwan adoptive families, and we are very grateful for his efforts on our behalf. Ray is working hard to get our case switched to Gladney adoptions in Texas, and seems very confident that this will go through. They are traveling to Taiwan next week to talk to the Taiwan agencies, and if all goes well, we will transfered to Gladney. We will have to wait 2 or 3 weeks till we know if this will happen.

We have tried to be very positive about this, and we believe that God means for us to be parents, and that he has led us to Taiwan. So we believe that this will be a good thing, and that everything will work out.
We really appreciate and are so grateful for our friends right now. Everyone has been so sweet and supportive, I don’t know what we would do without you all!
Thanks for all of your prayers and support! You are all very much appreciated!

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