A Party For A Super Hero..

We have a little girl in this house on the verge of turning nine years old…

And on Saturday we celebrated her in all of her wonder woman glory.

Our little M requested a super hero theme, but she wanted “super heroes, with me conquering the world, and girl power.” Sure… no problem.

Everyone got a bucket of super goodies…

We put some girl power signs up…

And some themed food…you know I love me some party themed food!

We made some deserts…

And we ate them all.

Everyone decorated cookies in super hero colors…

And we crafted hero masks.

Tiny P’s was my favorite. Haha!

We sang, and little M?

Our little M had this face the whole time. Love.

She told me it was the best party ever, and that she would let me know next week what theme she wants next year. Alrighty then.

This girl…how is she already going to be nine?

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