A Year Of Miracles…

One year ago today we woke up, and started to get ready for church. But we never made it to church that day, because we got a call that not only changed our lives, but gave our baby new life…

We are so thankful for the beautiful year, full of life, our little girl has enjoyed. It has been a year full of love, and joy, and sass. Our tiny P has gone from a very sick and sad baby who slept for most of the day to a vivacious, happy little girl who is radiant with new life.

A year ago we were watching our baby get sicker, we were watching her heart fail…we were watching her die. She was so loved, and I was so lucky to be able to spend my days holding her and loving on her. She is still so very adored. She is on the go constantly, but she stops often to give me hugs, and wrap her little arms around my neck…arms that are getting stronger as time goes on.

Our baby couldn’t run, or play, or even walk for more than a few steps. This year, our little girl is climbing whole flights of stairs, plays nonstop, and is running everywhere. She can play at the park, and can almost keep up with her brother and sister.

A year ago, our baby was wasting away. Her little heart just wouldn’t sustain a healthy body weight, even though she was receiving extra nutrition through her g-tube. This year, since receiving her hero heart, our little girl has gained over ten pounds! She is a healthy weight for her size!

Last year our baby was so small…but over the past year she has grown four inches! She was weak, but now she is strong.
Our baby used to be in constant pain. Now she is pain free, and thriving.

Last year her lips and her skin were blue, and her little fingers and toes were blue and clubbed.
This year, she is pink. The little hands holding this necklace are pink and glowing with life.

More than anything else, what brings us the most joy, and gives us all the feelings…is seeing our little girl happy. She laughs, and she laughs often. She LOVES life, and she is living it with abandon, and that my friends? Is a miracle.


  1. Always wear your tiara on November 25, 2016 at 12:21 pm

    This is the most wonderful post, filled with love, joy and hope

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