About A Bat…

Little M originally wanted to be something else…she wanted to be a “flying zebra princess pony…maybe with a mermaid tail.”

I got overwhelmed, and told her I didn’t think that there was such a costume. She said that was fine…she would be a bat.

I got excited, because there are some super adorbs bat costumes, and I pulled a bunch of pictures up on the computer, so she could choose one…

Ha. None of those pictures were what she wanted. None of them would do.

My girl did not want just any bat…her bat had a black tutu dress, with a black ribbon (absolutely not a pink or purple one). Her bat had a headband with bats flying off of it. not ears on it. And most importantly, her bat had wings on the back, not wings attached to the arms.

So there. It wasn’t easy, but what a relief that my girl is happy with her bat costume!
She already has her costume picked for next year, and I am hoping that one is easier!


  1. Renate on November 1, 2013 at 12:00 pm

    So you made it? It's so wonderful, I just love it.

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