Advent is a time of waiting, waiting in wonder and awe. It is about expectation, looking forward, and thoughtfulness. It is when the Christian new year begins, and it begins with waiting, expectantly looking forward to the birth of Jesus.

Advent is a time of waiting. I have never been good at waiting, nor am I a patient waiter. But I have been learning to be more patient, especially during this long wait to become parents. I am most certainly not perfect at waiting, not will I ever be. I know, though, that I must go through these times of waiting to be able to more greatly appreciate, in the end, the blessings of that wait.
And so, this advent, we wait for many things; expectantly, impatiently, and imperfectly, we wait.

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  1. celine on December 3, 2009 at 3:33 am

    I think you are a great wait-er. I don't know if I would be facing the long process this adoption has been with your grace, good humor and willingness to learn from it. I check your blog daily because I love all the decorating things you do, but primarily b/c I'm waiting for the post that says you got a referral. What a beautiful day that will be! p.s. I too have pumpkins and Christmas wreaths in front of my house. The dumb things won't rot!

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