All Hopped Up

I have spent the past year being terrified of sugar.
A few months after we brought little M home, I gave her a small bag of candy…and chaos ensued for hours. And then she came down from her soaring high, and devastation ensued.
Since then, I have been nazi-ish about little M’s sugar intake. I could tell you how many grams of sugar I allowed her to take in each day, carefully balanced with protein and other healthful snacks.

And then she went to preschool…I have no idea what goes on there for snacks. Little M says she eats candy and it’s so fun. Really, though, she could be eating dried fruit, and think it’s candy.
I will sometimes (confession alert!) bribe her into good behavior with “special candy.”
“Special candy” is organic sugar free fruit snacks! Ha!
Anyways, the holidays are quickly approaching, and nothing says holiday like piles of sugar. In cakes, cookies, chocolates, and the oh-so-lovable seasonal candy.
So I did it. I gave the three year old some candy.
Not a whole bag, mind you…baby steps, baby steps. But some.
And it was okay. I watched her like a hawk… and she was okay.
Halloween candy, here she comes! By Christmas she’ll be able to sit down with Grandma and eat the traditional box of chocolate covered cherries, and not break a sweat. Kidding, people, kidding… I don’t know if this mama is ready to completely let go of her nazi-ish tendencies when it comes to the girl’s health…(baby steps to letting go…)


  1. Nancy @ Ordinary Miracles & The Crazy 10 on October 30, 2011 at 2:42 pm

    OK… I'm just gonna say it… the sugar/hyperactivity thing is a old wive's tale. It's pretty well scientifically documented that sugar consumption does not cause kiddos to be extra active. But caffeine does! Like the caffeine in chocolate. So maybe ease her in with chocolate free candies? Just a thought.

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