Another Day, Another Cath…

Our tiny P had her seventh heart cath yesterday, just a quick routine one this time, to get a biopsy and do a quick pressure check.
She has had so many procedures, and she knows what to expect now. She talks about it for days, and she had a lot of questions. She is so smart, and trying to figure out how to calm her fears when she understands so much can be a challenge.
She knows that when she is inpatient she already has an IV, and they are able to give her anesthesia via her IV, but when she is outpatient, like yesterday, she doesn’t have an IV, so they use a mask for the anesthesia. Our girl dislikes the mask so much…they tried a strawberry scent this time, but she still hated it.
Before any medical procedure, she always takes a pre-med to help calm her nerves, and this pre-med definitely makes her loopy and happy, but it is also supposed to make her not remember anything…I usually play her a song on my phone each time while we wait, and I make it a point to play a different song every time, just to see if she will remember. She always does.

After her procedure yesterday, the cath surgeon came to visit her, and we were talking about how she dislikes the mask, and tiny P said she wanted to get an IV next time. He was surprised, but said they could try to work that out, and he asked if she had gotten a pre-med. We said yes, and tiny P said that it was spicy. He was very surprised that she remembered the med, the mask, and the music, haha. Our girl…

She did awesome, as always. Her biopsy came back as grade 1R rejection…not the 0 that it was last time, but still the lowest grade, so her team is happy. She is a champ at laying still for the four hours afterwards, and we were all thrilled that we got to go home last night!

She is not thrilled that she has to take is easy for the next two weeks, and has pretty much just decided she is not going to do it, so that should be fun…


  1. Renate on July 16, 2016 at 12:23 pm

    Amazing girl. So glad she is doing well!

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