Another Day, Another Heart Cat

We were up bright and early on Tuesday to head to the hospital with our girl…
This girl…even though she knows what going to happen, and she is scared, she still has the happiest attitude.

She loves her “hospital friends,” and is quite the celebrity.

We played with some stickers in between talking to doctors, and anesthesia…

Got vitals done…

Changed into a hospital gown, and played airplanes.

Then she got some relaxing, happy drugs…

This girl needs to be held when those drugs kick in!

We carried her back, and held her while she went to sleep…

Then we grabbed some breakfast, and visited some friends while we waited.

Three hours later, we were heading to see our girl.

She woke up, and was more in pain and angry than we have ever seen her before…but after getting some morphine, she relaxed and slept for a little bit.

Morphine and our girl are a fabulous mix…She alternates between grumpiness and joy, and she is hilarious! She kept us laughing all afternoon.

We found out that her pressures look amazing, even better than her last cath! They are not perfect, but they are as close the normal range as they have ever been.

This is your brain on morphine. Any questions?

Our girl was thrilled to go home, and sleep in her own bed!

We found out yesterday that her biopsy results were a bit inconclusive… there was a level of rejection detected, but it was unclear what it was… today, it was decided that since her heart function looked good, she did not need to be treated for rejection. So she is home!

We will take that, and we are thrilled with it!

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