Another Girl

Those were the words I saw when I opened my email on January 27th. “Another girl, heart condition.”

I saw this in the subject line, and so many thoughts ran through my head…
Another girl.”
Another girl who could be my daughter, another girl whose picture I could fall in love with, another girl in whose little face I might see my little girl, another girl who might be the child that could end our long wait to become parents.
I took a deep breath, and opened the email. I knew the picture we had was older, but when I saw that little face I felt like I recognized her. I knew in my heart that I wanted her, and I wanted to be her mommy. I wanted to give her a family. And I knew she was not just another girl, she was our girl, our daughter, the child we had been waiting and looking for.
Six months have passed, and we are waiting to travel. Soon, we will go and bring her home!

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