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These links are helpful if you are parenting a child who comes from trauma, and they are helpful if you are the friends or family of parents in the trenches of attachment parenting. If you are friends of our family, or if you are part of our family, you should read these…they will help you to understand why we parent the way we do, and what our lives look like.

Truly, all of these posts are ones I could have written myself about our attachment journey. They are honest and raw and true, and they will give you a good look into our lives and the way we parent. We have been told many times by people who I know meant well, that our kid is just being a normal six year old, or that he seems so sweet that they just don’t believe me. Not this child, not our boy…he is so loving and cute! And he is. The cutest…and I love him with all my heart, and I would adopt him again over and over. But this journey? Attachment? It’s hard…and we very much appreciate those friends and family who just accept what we tell them about our son, and rally around us to support and love us.

Sharla has written this blog post called What I wish you knew about parenting a child with RAD

On the blog confessions of an adoptive parent, Mike and Kristen write about parenting children with RAD. Many posts on their blog honestly describe what it’s like to parent trauma kids, and this post is worth reading…  I don’t expect you to understand why I parent the way I do. Also? This one… Don’t save my child. So much truth, and something that all parents of RAD kids likely struggle with.

The Institute For Attachment And Child Development has published this article on  Why my child with reactive attachment disorder acts differently with you than with me.

If you read none of the other posts, read this one. This blog post from Michele is one I could have written myself… every point is one we know all too well, and it will tell you What we need you to know.

To those of you who have loved us, supported us, and believed in us, we so appreciate you!


  1. Unknown on July 7, 2017 at 5:38 pm

    Thanks so much for including us Joanna! When we unite as advocates for kids with RAD, we are stronger. Take care. -Nichole Noonan (Institute for Attachment and Child Development)

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