Baby J, Week One…

Is the first week of school anyone’s favorite? Anyone’s?
Not mine…my favorite is the fifth or sixth week of school.

Change is so hard for kids in general. I know I have said it before, and I’ll probably say it again, but change, exciting things like holidays and birthdays, and just generally everything out of the everyday norm…these things are all exceptionally hard for my boy.

Baby J’s birthday is ten days before the start of school, and we went on vacation a week before that. Baby J has been struggling in general this Summer, and these past weeks have just put him over the edge. My baby J struggles with so many things…sensory issues, control and trust, and attachment issues. And because my boy struggles, I struggle.

I want so many things to be easy for my son. And for me, too! But we are just not there. His behavior choices have made his life more difficult, and we are at a point where he needs near constant supervision, and help.

He is sweet…he is cute and happy, and he is not obviously angry or mean, he is just unable to focus, unable to make decisions, and he tends towards wrong or self-destructive choices instead of good ones. He is beyond loyal to his family, and is quite loving and is an easy kid to love…

 This boy… he worries this mama. Some of his choices over the past couple weeks have led us to contact some therapists. And I think we have found one who will be a good fit for our boy, so we are beginning the process of getting baby J, and us, some help.
We want baby J to be as successful as he can be in life, and we want life to be a little easier for our baby J.

But for now, I am looking forward to having these first weeks of school behind us!


  1. Unknown on October 12, 2015 at 7:27 pm

    I know this post is several weeks old, but I keep thinking about it. I am a nanny and one of the children I watch has been struggling for the past month and a half. I thought of him when I read this post about J.Although he isn't adopted he has fine motor issues, focus problems, and poor behavior choices. The family is going through a move and I think he is having a hard time with the change.I was wondering if you have found any solutions for J and if you have any suggestions for someone struggling with a similar situation.Thanks!

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