Baby J’s Storm Birthday

We celebrated our boy last weekend…with a “storm” birthday. When I asked him what kind of birthday theme he wanted, he didn’t even think about it. He knew right away, he wanted a storm theme. I was confused, haha… what does that mean??

He wanted storms…tornadoes, clouds, rain, lightning…

Apparently, this is not a theme that gets much play on Pinterest…

So we did the best we could. We made clouds, and hung raindrops. 

Clouds, and raindrops ended up being the recurring theme…

We kept it super simple for our boy who tends to get overstimulated.

We found little lightning sprinkles for the cupcakes, and he was super excited about that. 

Our boy is so fun to celebrate…

It was perfect, he was happy, and he held himself together beautifully. So we were all happy!

And just like that, he is six.
Happy birthday, precious boy!

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  1. Renate on August 30, 2016 at 11:33 am

    Happy birthday J. Not a baby anymore.

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