Of course we think little M is the most beautiful girl we know. She has an amazing smile, and her eyes are so expressive. She is stunning.

She is also sweet, and caring, and her sense of humor is AWESOME. She is smart…she learns quickly, and has an amazing memory.
She is good at problem solving, and good at drawing and crafting. She loves books, and likes to read. She loves her family and her friends.
No matter where we go, we get comments on little how cute, pretty, and beautiful little M is. And she is. But she is also so much more.
And I worry (shocker, huh?). How does it affect a little girl to hear only about how pretty you are all.the. time?
I sometimes wish she didn’t attract SO MUCH attention. I want her to know that things other than outer beauty are important, despite the positive attention her looks get her.
I want to teach her that compassion, love, respect, and humility are even more important, even though people may not gush about those things.
What a big job! I am glad God has trusted me with this precious little girl!


  1. Karrie on November 15, 2011 at 5:42 pm

    I think sometimes people want to show there support of an adoptive family and don't know what to say other than how beautiful she is. You know, state the obvious;) and keep it simple. But she really is GORGEOUS. 🙂

  2. Tonya on November 16, 2011 at 12:15 am

    Wow! Great post! I get the same thing with my girls. When I only had Janie, I would have people stop and tell me how beautiful, stunning, breath-taking, etc she was. Then when her sister came home and she is basically a carbon copy, I get asked all the time if they are twins, told how beautiful they are. Do they model? Etc, etc, etc. And like you, I struggle with it. I want my girls to understand that beauty comes from within by your actions and from your heart…thanks for putting my thoughts into words!!!

  3. michelle on November 16, 2011 at 3:00 am

    I had to think before deciding to write this for I so respect where you are coming from that I wouldn't want you to think for an instant I don't understand. I, too, worried for after having our two boys, then our little K, everyone looked at her yards and yards of pink, her beautiful huge baby blues and I worried the same as you, that she may not understand that she was as beautiful inside.But, why I write, is I have the added security of years (oh and wrinkles, LOL) that has shown me how much her personality just grows and grows in the same adorable, positive, fun, loving direction which God gave her in the beginning, for Miss K is now a pre-teen. Your little Miss M, shows from your narratives, as well as from your picture,s to live, breath, share and care in a positive, beautiful manner which can be seen in her smile, her eyes, her posture, etc. As she grows she will receive positive feedback from her friends/peers, teachers, and the continued support/love of you, her parents for actions, empathy/concern for other and friendship. She will see from all these other not just how adorable she is in her adorable outfit but smiles and laughter and pats on the shoulder for being such a special person, her person.We worry as mothers and our blogs are great ways to share our concerns, aren't they? I so rely on this too and love the connections I have made in doing so. You are such a supportive and caring Mum to Little M I cant immagine you not having this cross your mind now and again and again in the future, I just wanted to share with you what I have experienced through the past several yrs with our girl:) And dare I day, she does look as sweet as can be in her fall outfit:))

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