Black And White…

The master bathroom is so strange… there could have almost been another bedroom. It is seriously huge.

And it was so, so white…

So we went opposite with our painting. We went with the absence of all color, to the presence of all color. We made it black!

I LOVE it. There is actually not much wall space, but it really is striking. I might never change those little white tiles I normally dislike.

We have a fairly long list of things to change in this room… We plan to get prettier lighting to replace that awful light bar. We plan to frame the mirror, so it’s not so boring, and change the cheap vanity. Also there is a bidet. I am not a bidet person, and I don’t know why it is out in the middle of the room, but our boy thinks it is a fountain and wants to play in it so it seriously needs to go. and we need to put some sort of storage in it’s place. And, we need a bigger rug! But for now, it will do, and I love our giant black room.


  1. Renate on July 21, 2015 at 11:25 pm

    Huge!I would never pick black but it looks really good!

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