Bottles And Comfort…

She’s five. almost five and a half, now… not a baby anymore. And she is big. She has grown so much, and definitely does not look like a baby anymore.

But. She still takes a bottle at night, and sometimes during the day. Her bottle is her comfort item, and we are happy to let her have that. When I say that her bottle is her comfort item, I mean that she relies on this item to soothe her whenever she is scared, or nervous, or just needs to calm, or sleep.

We get so many comments on this. Isn’t she a little big to still drink from a bottle? Does she drink from a cup? And we also get well meaning advice on how this will make her delayed in her speech and ruin her teeth.

She IS big. Is she too big to drink from a bottle? Honestly? No.
Our tiny P came to us at two years old, and not only was her transition a super difficult one, but she was sick. For her first year home she was in the hospital almost constantly going through so much (necessary) medical trauma. Since her heart transplant she has been doing so very well… but she still gets regular blood work, has heart caths, and regular checkups. With all that she has been through, and all that she will go through, we are just happy that she has something that helps her cope and calms her.

Her speech is very advanced for her age, and until a few weeks ago, she had no teeth to worry about, haha. Since she only drinks water, we are just not worried.

Will she always need this? Probably not…but we are happy to let her have this comfort for as long as she needs it!

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  1. Always wear your tiara on May 13, 2018 at 2:24 pm

    if she sucked her thumb or had a blanked no one would bat an eye. So thankful she has parents that sed a whole big picture and do t just say, 5. Pfft to old for a bottle

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