What is it about bubbles? Do you know a kid who doesn’t love them? Little M gets to pick a prize at school at the end of the week if she gets a star every day on her chart. She is onto it, and she’s never missed a star yet… last week she picked herself some bubbles.

And she couldn’t wait to go blow them.

She takes her bubble blowing seriously.

She could blow bubbles for hours.

Sometimes we do…unless we get sidetracked by sidewalk chalk, which is just as exciting.

And since I like to see my girl excited, I am on the bubble blowing train…

So we blow bubbles. We blew them all…but not to worry, little M has informed me that she will get us some more when she picks her prize this week!


  1. Melissa on September 19, 2012 at 1:37 am

    Cute, cute pics! She is always so full of smiles!

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