Changing So Fast…

Can we just talk a little bit more about how much little M has changed in the eighteen months she’s been home?

I was going through some of little M’s old clothes yesterday (yes, there were a lot, I may have a problem), and I was noticing what a wide variety of sizes we have.
When little M came home, she wore size 12 month clothes, then in a matter of a couple months, went to size 18 months. This was not a big deal, because we had bought mostly 18-24 month sizes based on her measurements, so we had plenty of things for her to wear (obviously).
But a couple months after her surgery she was almost completely in a size 24 month, or 2T. I went shopping, because I thought we had settled into this size, and we would be here a while. We thought little M was just going to be petite. Then, a few months later, she was in a size 3T, and 2T wasn’t fitting our girl at all. Her limbs had gotten inches longer.
Now? Well, I am buying up 4T. And I’m worried that I’ll be trading that out for 5T soon. Should I just start buying 5T, and let her wear her clothes big, so she can wear them longer?
Four sizes, you guys. She has grown four sizes in eighteen months. I love that she’s growing and healthy, don’t get me wrong…but it has the potential for havoc on the budget!


  1. Bev on March 8, 2012 at 5:14 am

    Little M is just thriving… she is doing so well with the love of her family. Isn't it marvelous to see how they can catch up so well and be so brave as they have navigated through all the changes that the last year and a half have brought. Amazing little people!

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