Cheer For Friends…

Even though it was hard to take my girl to school yesterday and today, I gave her an extra hug, and sent her off…

And even though I wish I could keep her with me always, especially after the tragedy that happened in
Connecticut last Friday, I am so grateful for the school that little M has, and for the friends that she has made there.

I saw these cute little favors on Pinterest (natch), and knew that they would be perfect for little M’s sweet little friends.

You can find the printable for this craft here, at Lovely Living. She asked that you make a couple dollar donation to a charity, which I was happy to do, since one of the charities she had listed was heart kids.

After I got my printable, I gathered my candy. I found the red candies at a chocolate shop, and they are just chocolate balls wrapped in red foil.

I put eight whoppers and a red candy in a little bag, and topped it with the printable…

And done! Christmas goodies for friends!

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