Christmas Happened…

These past few weeks have just flown by in a blur…a big hospital blur. We had a few setbacks, and had to go back to ICU a couple of times to get tiny P back to a stable place after difficulty breathing, and a rather traumatic episode of PLE. We are finally getting her to a better place!

Since tiny P was moved to HKU last week, and is no longer in ICU, we were all able to hang out with her in there room for Christmas.

We opened a few presents…

And ate, and spent time enjoying our baby girl.

It certainly wasn’t the Christmas we intended to have, but it was still so beautiful.

And seeing my babies, and the people I love, all together in one room, even if that room is a hospital room, turned out to really be everything I need.

While we would love to have our girl home soon, we really have no sense of when that will be… she is doing very well, but her body still has a lot of adjusting to do to her new little heart. She is on some very high doses of diuretics, all via IV, and the plan to wean her off of them is happening very slowly, because she still has some fluid on her little lungs.

For now we are just taking each day as it comes, and enjoying our moments that we can all be together…and we’re praying that soon we will all be together at home!

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