Christmas Ready

This season is my very favorite! I start planning my decorating after Christmas for the next year, and I start decorating a minute after Halloween is over, so we can enjoy our cozy Christmas house for even longer.

I like to have a general theme for the spaces in our house with my holiday decorations…this room (and the dining room it flows into have a white and green theme. The kitchen and family room flow together, and have green and reds, with homemade and sentimental decorations on the tree there. The faux sheep skin on the bench is from Amazon here. I have several of them, and I use them all over, even for photo props.

I love lots of twinkle lights and candles, and I almost always choose warm white. I just like the look of them more.

Lots of throw blankets make it easy to snuggle in with the babies.

The art in the dining room is from Lindsay Letters. I love these two pieces for all Winter, those trees remind me of Montana, aren’t they beautiful?

The green glass tree is a drink dispenser! It is gorgeous just sitting out, but will be so fun for punch or cider when friends or family are over. It’s from Walmart, and is so reasonably priced.

This is the first year I’ve had many live plants, but the green works perfectly! Thrown in with all the faux trees, I love how it all works together.

The table runner is from Amazon here. It comes in several lengths, and several colors.

The house candle is from Anthropologie, and is so big and pretty. The other candles throughout these rooms are from Alter’d State, Anthropologie, and from local boutique shops. I love the coziness of candles, but I know they’re not for everyone!

We spend so much time hanging out in this room, talking and enjoying the lights, or reading by the fire. I love a beautiful holiday room, but I love that I get to share it with my family even more! Because we have some kiddos with complex health needs, who are extra susceptible to the germs that are so prevalent this time of year, it becomes even more important to me to have a cozy, beautiful space that everyone enjoys being in.

I hope this inspires you to create a space you love! Let’s all love where we live!

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