Color Of The Week…

It’s pink.

And I love it. I wish it could be pink every week.

You knew pink was bound to happen eventually, right?

With little M and mommy calling the shots, baby J was pretty much doomed.

But it’s ok, because he has a pretty pink shirt that matches. It was fate.

Poor baby J is so over casting. Only three more of this series to go. He had a super hard time yesterday. Someone (not me, I got spit on) got punched in their head, and little man packs a pretty good punch.
His foot is looking great, but unfortunately the tendon that needs to release to allow his heel to drop is just not releasing, so it looks like he will have to have surgery at the end of the casting. We are praying that this tendon will release, but if it doesn’t, it will need to be severed…which means an additional six weeks of being in a cast, and lots of pain.
I am so bummed about this…I was so hoping not to put baby J through surgery.

Baby J has been a little different, and a lot more quiet since his casting yesterday (or maybe he’s just tired, since it took three people to hold him down!), but I am anxious to have my happy little boy back, and I am dreading the long Summer if he has to have surgery!

Come on tendon! Release!


  1. dawn on June 9, 2013 at 2:06 am

    Ok so I know nothing whatsoever about club feet, I think that is what he has, but can't you get any physical therapy on the tendon, stretches etc and stim, to help the tendon stretch. I am a NMT and this is beyond my realm but to me and what I do it makes sense. I just hate for you to go through more of this I am not offering medical advice, repeat, am not. I know you have the best surgeons but it seems so sad for little man.'He looks great in pink and I bet by the time toorrow rolls round he has bounced back. hugs to all

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