Color Of The Week…

Cast number eight is red with blue stripes…because hello, Fourth of July is this week!

All of the doctors and nurses were so amused by our choice, and talked about it so much, that I’m pretty sure we inadvertently pressured three other families to take their kids home in red casts. Ha.

Cast number eight was the hardest cast ever. Baby J is so done, and he totally flipped out. Added to all the flipping out, was little M…I had her with me this time, for the first time ever getting a cast off.
This is already not baby J’s favorite. He hates it, and starts crying as soon as we go in to the casting room.
This time little M was there, and even though we talked about it, and I told her he gets very upset, she was still not fully prepared.
When baby J flipped out, he wasn’t kidding. People got kicked and punched, and a third person had to come help hold him down.

And then…we needed a fourth person to come help. Seriously. It was craziness, you guys.
When baby J freaked out, little M got upset. Not only did she get upset, but she was screaming and wailing, and trying to pull people off her brother.
Now, a day later, it seems very sweet. At the time I was slightly appalled that someone had to come hold my little girl down.
For. Real. My girl had to be held back, and not only did she need to be held back, she cried for much longer than baby J. After his cast was off, baby J stopped crying, sat up, and started eating his cheerios. And watched while little M continued crying for the entire rest of the appointment…and broke down and cried several more times during the course of the afternoon.

Needless to say, little M will not be attending any more casting appointments.
When we left, little M said “That was really not fun, and I was very upset. I don’t want to come to this doctor any more.”
Ok, then.

We have one more casting appointment, and then he is scheduled for surgery. He will have a tenotomy, which basically means that they will sever the achilles tendon in several places, then stretch it out to the length it needs to be, and put him in a cast for six more weeks, while (hopefully) the tendon regenerates at the new length. He will probably get a new cast after about three weeks, so they can check his tendon, and measure him for his braces.

Several people have emailed and commented to ask why his cast has to be full leg, and I have no idea. I asked the doctor, and he said that with this method of casting, full leg casts work, because they keep his leg bent up at an angle. I have no idea what this means, and I read on Google that short leg casts do not work, but it doesn’t explain why!


  1. dawn on June 29, 2013 at 5:15 pm

    Poor Little M that is just so sad. Such a sweet big sister but so sad her little heart got squished seeing that happening to Little J. He is so stinking cute. I am glad he bounces right back once the saw is gone. That thing is nasty.

  2. Elizabeth Dahl on June 30, 2013 at 1:49 am

    Oh dear, what a trauma! 🙁 I'm glad that's behind you.Love the red and blue stripes!

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