Easter Week…

I didn’t think anyone could love holidays more than I did, until little M came along. She has a hard time picking her favorite holiday, and I love it.

This week has been Spring Break for little M and baby J…and we have been home on a staycation all week. We usually travel for Spring Break, but this year we decided to stay home and spend time together here. We have enjoyed a zoo trip with some good friends, a sleepover with our friends, playing games, doing crafts, a walk by the river, and some shopping.

We had several doctor appointments, and participated in a flag pole dedication for organ donor awareness month. We shared our story, and heard a couple other amazing stories, and the kids helped to raise the donate life flag.

We are ready for Easter, now! Next week we will get back to our regular schedule, with all of the doctor visits, and school, and activities…we have two heart caths coming up for our girls in the next four weeks, so I am glad we took this time to be quiet and make memories, and be with our kiddos!

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