Do you know what eight means?

Eight means that in four months our baby J will have been with us for a year.

Eight months!

At eight months, our boy is showing some positive signs of attachment, and a strong sense of belonging in our family. Also at eight months, we are seeing more anxious behaviors, more emotions and grieving, and more genuine laughter.

Eight seems like so long… but really not that long at all in light of the thirty-two months that he was not in our family.

After eight months, our boy has FINALLY started putting on some weight. I am hoping this trend continues, since he is still SO thin…I am happy to say that he is on the charts for weight now. Just barely, but he is there.

I love that he is filling out, and becoming healthier.

After eight months, baby J is speaking in sentences, can share some of his feelings, and can argue a blue streak. Seriously, that boy can argue. What does he argue about? Usually about what we are saying…if I call a stuffed cat “kitty,” he will say “no, it’s a cat.” If I call it a “cat,” he will argue about that. Boy loves to argue.

He no longer speaks in Chinese at all. This makes me a little sad. The only word he uses in Chinese is “jiejie,” (big sister) and that is just because it’s what he has always called little M. I miss his ramblings in Chinese more than I thought I would. I especially miss how he would yell in Chinese when he got upset. Ha.

During the past eight months our boy has grown a few inches taller, and is stronger than ever.

After eight months (as of this week, in fact) baby J is caught up on his immunizations, doesn’t have to see his orthopedist for another four months, and his teeth are in great shape!

This boy has been through A LOT in eight months…fourteen weeks of casting, with a surgery thrown in there, and four major dental visits to remove three teeth, fill four, root canal one, and put in spacers. Not to mention seeing the pediatrician every month to have immunizations, after having major blood work done.

And yet, he is so resilient.
He is happy, affectionate, loud, energetic, sassy, stubborn, cute, precious, and so lovable.
We can not wait to see what the next months bring…
Happy eight months, baby J!


  1. Melissa on December 20, 2013 at 5:24 am

    It's funny you mention he's gaining a little weight because I was just thinking that his cute cheeks looked a little fuller. Of course, it could just be the way the hat changes the shape of his head. In any case, super cute!

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