Enjoy Every Moment?

As new-ish parents we hear this all the time…”Cherish every moment,” Enjoy this time,” and “Time goes so quickly, they grow up so fast.”

Yes, it’s true, time goes quickly. And they do grow up so fast. All true.
We do try to enjoy all of the little things (and the big things, too), and I know that I am going to look back in ten, or even five years and wonder where the time went for my little M.
So I am enjoying the moments…except when I’m not. Let’s face it, some days are hard, and we are just happy to have survived the moment, and not worried about “enjoying” it.
We had a hard week last week. Well, little M had a hard week. The husband went out of town on a men’s retreat the previous weekend…and little M was mad that daddy left. Unfortunately, she was mad at me, and boy did I pay…for days.
We were running errands one day, and had stopped for lunch before heading home. I took a phone call about a doctor’s appointment for little M, and of course she was upset that she did not have my full attention (this is not usually an issue, but this day she was already mad), so she climbed in my lap, and pinched me. Twice. So, I put her in the chair next to me, and as she tried to aim a few kicks my way, I ended my call. When I turned to deal with little M, an older lady leaned over as she was walking by, and said “She is so cute. They grow up so fast. Cherish every moment.” I smiled and said through slightly gritted teeth “Oh I am, especially this one, this one is my favorite.” Then she moved on, and so did we.
I love little M. Even when she is mad and pinching and kicking which, very thankfully, is rare.
I enjoy her always.
But there are moments in our lives…moments that I am just surviving, and not “enjoying every moment.” And I am ok with that.


  1. michelle on March 22, 2012 at 2:26 pm

    SO true.Those parents who hold the door open, offer to carry a shopping bag, or a friend that surprises us with a prepared dinner when \”the husband\” is out of town, all as our child(ren) are expressing themselves (umm tantrum, ignoring us,not giving us a moment alone) are the ones to touch our hearts and help us to remember \”this too shall pass\” instead of \”they are growing up so fast\”.Nothing we can do to bottle up those precious moments other than pictures, videos, keepsakes saved. Loving our children doesn't, as you know, mean me need to love all which they do. My kiddos can recite in their sleep, \”I love you but I do not love how you are choosing to behave at the moment\”. Hope this week is better:) Maybe Daddy can give Little M special time while you have a bubble bath, glass of wine with a friend or a good book, just saying, LOL…Michelle

  2. jessica on March 28, 2012 at 8:44 pm

    Oh yes, I can relate to that FOR SURE! Thank goodness those moments do pass so we CAN enjoy them!

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