Favorite Friday…

Blog posts I have loved lately:

I always, always love Jen Hatmaker’s blog. Pretty much every post of hers is my favorite. They are always so real, and these two, especially, I have enjoyed lately:
In The Basement was written a couple months ago, after the whole Chik fil A debacle, and is exactly what I would have wanted to say, if I had wanted to say anything…
The Truth About Adoption: One Year Later  made me cry, because reading it, I remembered how hard that first year really was.

Kylee Cragget is a brilliant nineteen year old who has some very wise thoughts on why we should be careful with the use of the terms “rescued” or “saved” in our adoption language in her blog post
 Let’s Not Rescue or Save Please.

Lisa, at The Long Road to China has a fun photography blog post about perspective. Love her photography!

I have talked about Tonggu Momma’s blog, Our Little Tongginator before, and her blog is so great. Her post, Thinking Out Loud About Attachment, is one every new adoptive parent should read. She is so honest, but so encouraging, at the same time.

These should keep you busy for a while!

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