Favorite Friday…

My favorites this week…

Birch Box. Do you Birch Box? You can go here to read about it, and order yours…it’s a monthly subscription, like a magazine, but you get personal care samples instead. For instance, last month I received perfume, hair care samples, some benefit cosmetics, hair ties, artsy bags, and some other fun stuff. It’s like your birthday in the mail every month. I love samples…and I love that they come in a super cute little box!

Christmas planning…specifically I love this site. This handy little Christmas planning website has printable pages for all of your shopping, menu, and decorating lists. Since Christmas is only 81 days away…well, we should probably get on that, dontcha think? M’kay. You’re welcome.

Pinterest. It’s a love/hate relationship. It’s a time-suck, it’s a place to get design and craft ideas. I have even found some great recipes here. Everything you never knew you needed is here. You will feel like a rock-star when you complete a “Pinterest project,” and you might feel inadequate for not thinking of some of these things yourself.
I love it (and sometimes I hate it, too).

Etsy…It’s a love/love relationship. Have you shopped? You can find the best stuff here, and most of it handmade. Everything is here…jewelry, clothes, soap, candles, etc. And with Christmas coming, I bet you can find something for everyone on your list.

Watching my girl sleep…It’s rare, but I love it…I think she is the most beautiful little thing in the world!

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