Do you know that when we first brought little M home, she showed almost no feelings?
She would be sad at night, but rarely during the day. She showed no strong feelings (except for crazy fake happiness), and seemed unfazed by everything that happened. We could tell when she was scared, and looking back at her pictures from that time, we mostly see fear on her little face, but she wouldn’t ever show sadness or genuine happiness. She was such a stoic little thing.

Now, after being home for twenty months, things have changed. It almost seems that they changed overnight. One day she woke up and was comfortable with her feelings. All of them. Maybe she’s just making up for lost time, and don’t get me wrong, I do want her to express her feelings…but honestly, sometimes all of the feelings leave me a little exhausted and worn out.

I wonder when it is that kids get a handle on their emotions…do they ever? Will it ever even out?

Is little M destined to the extreme where her feelings are concerned?

Our little girl feels everything now…intensely.
Her highs are very high, and her lows are…you guessed it, VERY low.

Her lows are the end of her world.

Thankfully, she is not a dweller. Even though she may be abjectly disappointed by something, and it appears that she will never recover, she quickly does.

Even though it seems like she will never recover, before you know it there is overwhelming joy over something else.

It’s a vicious cycle, and goes on ALL. day. long.

Ups and downs, highs and lows. Happy, sad. Disappointed, thrilled…

And mad. Is it bad that mad face is my favorite? I have however, learned never to laugh at mad face…

She’s a feeler, and I love that about her. And when we are overwhelmed with feeling…well, at least she is super cute!

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