Finding A Family…

There is a boy in China who is ten years old. Jackson is precious, and smart, he can read and write, he enjoys working on computers, and he doesn’t let his delays or cerebral palsy slow him down. He walks, can communicate, and can dress and take care of himself. He has a very sweet smile, and most of all… he needs a family.

His file was completed when he was six years old, and he is ten now. He told us he wanted a mom and a dad, and he said he would be a good boy… oh, my heart.

We met Jackson last month when we were picking up tiny P, and he broke my heart.  The orphanage director said he didn’t understand why no one had come for Jackson, because he is a wonderful boy, and would make a fine son. He just could not fathom why this boy would be waiting for four years… FOUR YEARS! That is way too long to wait for a family!

Do you know someone looking for a son? Do you have room in your heart for a precious ten year old boy?

November is adoption awareness month, and this Sunday is orphan Sunday… I would love for this to be Jackson’s last November as an orphan. I would love for him to know the love of a family, to have a mom and dad, and to be an orphan no more.

At the top left of my blog is an email button. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with questions about Jackson…
But most especially, will you pray for him? Pray for him, and other kids like him, who have been waiting for years to become part of a family. Pray that his mom and dad will find him very soon! 

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