Fireworks And Water…

Our little family had so many firsts this week in big sky country…

Baby J had his first bonfire. I cracked up over how baffled he was that no one was putting the fire out.

The husband lit off firecrackers for the first time…

And little M and baby J got to witness those fireworks up close and personal.

Clearly little M was a fan.

Baby J was a fan of all of it. He ran around like a crazy person taking it all in.

How cute are all those cousins sitting around the fire all together? Bless it.

Baby J had his first splash park experience… He stayed here, at this spot, for almost an hour. Precious boy.

And my precious girl ran around exploring everything, and following her cousins.

Oh, cousin time… in beautiful Montana. Also, I packed a perfectly sensible swimsuit for little M with built in sun protection… and she packed this unpractical tutu swimsuit with no sun protection… at least she’s super cute!

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