Following Up…

Tiny P had a cardiology visit on Wednesday, and as you can see, she was less than thrilled to be back at the hospital…

She was very excited, and a little confused, that she did not have to have blood drawn, though.  We were happy to hear that Dr. M was happy with how she has healed and how her valve “leakiness” has improved. We don’t go back again for two months! In eight weeks she will have an EKG, and ECHO done, to see how her heart size looks, and how her valve looks.

From there, we will decide when to do her next heart cath, and that will determine when her next surgery will be.

For now, at this visit she got a new holter monitor, and in the time we have between heart checkups, we will be seeing a liver specialist, and a geneticist, for tiny P’s liver damage, and for her ciliary disfunction.

Maybe one day we will have a week without doctor visits for our tiny P… but for now,  at least, our little girl is happy and healthy and home!

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