For Breakfast…

As scrawny as our little guy is, he can put away some serious food. He gets giddy when it is time to go eat, and has a little food dance… he already knows the sign language for “eat,” “more,” and “please,” because they are food related.

He clears his plate every morning at breakfast, and usually has watermelon, some sort of steamed meatball (we’re not sure what is in it, but baby j loves it), 2 or 3 eggs, roast duck, and noodles. Then he  goes to work on my food, plus he eats a banana and a yogurt…and we usually have to cut him off by just leaving.
Poor little guy gets very upset if we stay and don’t let him have all the food!


  1. Kat on April 16, 2013 at 1:55 pm

    Wondering if he eats as much at other meals. Our preschoolers who ate big breakfasts usually just picked at the other meals throughout the day. However, Aedan, he would eat like that at every meal. Now he eats lots of fruits and veggies but doesn't really only eats small bits of everything else we have at a meal. Oddly enough, seeing as he eats very little fats and sweets, he was our largest baby at birth and is the bulkiest of our children.Love that smiling face!

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