For The Birds…

So our precious little M has had some behavior issues since baby J came home. She likes her brother, and is very sweet with him… one of my friends pointed out that at least she is taking her issues out on me, and not baby J. I am relieved that she likes her brother, but it has been hard.

So, we made a deal…if she could go two days straight without any trouble, she could get and paint a birdhouse (she’s been asking to do this since Easter)

And she pulled it off!

So off to the craft store she went…there were so many choices, we almost ended up with a castle birdhouse. But in the end we went home with a cute little round house.
She chose her paint colors, and as soon as baby J went down for a nap, the creativity began!

She took her painting VERY seriously!

I often wonder what goes through her mind…she is so decisive when it comes to which colors go where.

She worked on it for two hours…

And she is so proud of the end result!

It is on our back deck. We had to go buy some bird food (natch), and we have already had some bird visitors!


  1. dawn on May 17, 2013 at 5:01 pm

    Little M your bird house is so so pretty. I am sure you will only have very special birds coming to visit it.We had one and a lizard moved in to it…..but no birds ever came.

  2. Musings from Kim K. on May 17, 2013 at 6:47 pm

    Beautiful bird house, M. Your behavior issues are reminding me of the green-eyed monster that my eldest became when Josie came into our lives. It was hard to share mom and the adjustments are crazy. Doesn't matter the age. Thinking of you.

  3. CaitlinandBrad on May 18, 2013 at 12:07 am

    I think Little M is about the same age as my little guy was when we brought our daughter home 3 months ago. The first month was ROUGH! Luckily, just like little M his anger was taken out on me and not his new sister. It does get better! Dates and 1:1 time which I know is hard with a new little one helped a lot. It's so hard to watch your child so upset. Hang in there!BTW her bird house is beautiful

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