Friday Favorites…

Favorite blog posts this week…

I love Jami. Her sense of humor always has me cracking up. I also think this party she threw for her daughter is adorable. Go. Read it and laugh with me.

I have followed Suzy’s blog since before they even knew who their little boy would be…and now they are home with him, and he is precious. And her mother’s day post is so beautiful. Love you, Suzy!

This made me cry…  I read it three times, and I cried three times. I love reading about how Mike’s daughter can sing. It reminds me of little M’s love for music, and singing.

This is an oldie, but a goodie… I was recently asked why we chose China, when there are so many kids here that need a family. My kids were with me, so I replied “because that’s where my children were.” But I love this well thought out answer to that question.

This one also made me cry…It is so deep and so heartfelt. Katie talks about her beautiful, precious son, and his diagnosis and the future. And even though the future does not always look promising, at the end she answers the question, would she recommend this life? And she answers yes, absolutely…yes. This post means so much to me, and is so encouraging. I have gone back to read it several times.


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