Friday Favorites

I feel so lucky to be part of a community of bloggers that is honest and supportive, who don’t mind sharing openly about the struggles and victories of adoption. I learn so much from reading these blogs, and I am so grateful for the parents who write them!
I thought I would post just a few of my favorite posts from some blogs I read, so that you can enjoy them, as well!

Jen Hatmaker has a wonderfully honest and funny blog about adoption, parenting, and how to be friends of someone who is adopting…how to support them. My all time favorite post of hers is How To Be the Village. Truthfully, all of her posts are my favorite, but if you know someone who has adopted or is adopting, this is a great little manual on how to support your friend.

Mama C, at I Will Pull This Blog Over! has many great posts, but my favorite of hers is I Am The Truth.

Tongu Mama, at Our Little Tongginator, is witty, and writes hilarious accounts of parenting her two daughters each with their own special need. She wrote a post that I always love to go back to called Adoption And Love. It makes me cry every time.

Wife of The Prez writes at No Hands But Ours, a site that I love and visit daily, and she wrote a hard, straightforward post about adopting sons, called I’ll Say It. It is super honest, talks about ALL the children waiting for adoption, and urging people to consider a “hard to place” child. She is super cute, and I love that she calls her husband “the Prez.”

Well, that should keep you busy…These are just a few that I loved, hope you enjoy them!


  1. jessica on June 22, 2012 at 1:28 pm

    Thanks so much for sharing, other than Jen Hatmaker, I haven't heard of any of those blogs! Can't wait to read all of the essays!!

  2. a Tonggu Momma on June 22, 2012 at 3:25 pm

    Awww… thank you. It always makes my heart feel mushy when someone calls me witty. I mean, sometimes *I* think I'm witty, but that doesn't say much, now, does it? *grin*

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