Friday Favorites…

This post will resonate with adoptive parents, I know… All the paperwork, all the worry and prayers, nagging people you’ve never even met, and worrying about your child who is sick in another country without a mommy…you know this is the easy part, right?

There is a little girl who’s so special to so many, and so many people around the world have been praying for her, hoping for her, and following her story. If we are Facebook friends, you have seen me  share some of her story, which is amazing. She had a very special heart, but her precious heart was failing, and a few weeks ago she received the amazing gift of a new heart… her story is amazing, and I love the way that Meredith shares it here. Lily’s mommy blogs here, if you want to go back and read her amazing story.

I often say that I can never forget the kids that I have seen when we were in China visiting our children’s orphanages… This post by Sonia sums up what I have felt many times, as does this post by Johanna, at Stop For Flowers.

After all that heavy reading, you now need to read this article by Jen Hatmaker…because she built an office from scratch, made a craft, and is stinking hilarious. You’re welcome.

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