Friday Phone Dump…

Her smile. She is so sweet…

Morning hair…

The husband and I went away. We rode the horses and did the spa, and it was fab!

We signed up for a monthly box from Little Justice Leaders…we love it!

Why is my five year old crying? Someone finished her sentence.

Somehow “go get ready for bed” was heard as “go get your super suit on.”
Good thing she’s cute, haha.

Summer school presentation…She designed a livable habitat on Mars complete with greenhouses. I may be biased, but she was amazing.

Little friends with their Mars habitat.

I turned 41, and I went skydiving. In a tube, anyways…

We visited Hobby Lobby…the Christmas things made her SO happy.

My Mackenzie decorated my birthday cake. You know you have heart kiddos when your cake has a heart…and anatomically correct heart, on it.

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