Friday Phone Dump…

He loves puzzles…

The end of an era! Miss L and miss E have been therapists to all three of our kids…and tiny P just graduated from services at home! We already miss them so much!

He used to be so scared of the doctor…but little by little he is learning to trust.

This girl. She loves trains, cars, and especially construction vehicles.

Finding her zen, even in the middle of Target.

More doctor appointments…I need to work on spacing these a little better!

Tiny P has learned how to draw people. This is me. Obviously.

Her new go-to pose for pictures. It’s a work in progress.

Because lion cartoons are scary, we hide behind pillows.

She entered a raffle…we didn’t realize that she entered to win the bear as big as she is, haha.

Wyoming is cold…

First airplane ride since coming home from China.

Apparently restaurants at grandma’s house are WAY better than ours.

She is the best little traveler, ever.

Oh grandma, she’s so funny.

Rivers are for rock throwing.

Sometimes you just need a bowl of noodles bigger than your head.

And sometimes you just need to curl up in your momma’s bed with your blanket.

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