Friday Phone Dump…

When g-tube change, and bath time coincide…things look a little bit different.

I’ve got my eye on you…

When she tries to take a selfie…

This girl… it sure did take her a while to get back on her feet after her heart cath.

Yes, yes, she does have a sword in her pants…haha.

When you don’t feel well, and daddy makes you a bed in his office, so you can lay by him while he works.

Workers working… someone got a desk in her room. The small one is supervising.

We are trying to make him fat…or just gain weight.

Her choir teacher. Because our big girl did church choir this year.

Mood. It’s been a mad week, haha.

Window sitting.

Heart check up. She loves these days…little weirdo.

 We do NOT love blood work.

We also do not love Tom And Jerry, apparently…

Somebody’s fab-u-lass!!

Rain, rain, don’t go away…

He wants to be a “bles ofisr” (police officer). This is funny because he is absolutely terrified of police.

When it’s your heart cath week, and you want to ride the train at the mall. that is just what we do.

I told her that she could pick where we ate lunch, and she picked Starbucks. I’m so proud, haha!

New glasses… thank goodness for the full coverage plan!

When you have a cath, and you can’t be crazy, we do lots of puzzles. Obviously, she is thrilled.

Why does she look ten when she wears a nightgown??

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