Friday Phone Dump…

Sometimes you just have to sit in your box…on the couch.

Early morning coloring waiting to get blood work.

Funny faces waiting to get her echo…

Reading night at school…of course she is the last to leave the library.

Donuts on a Saturday…they make us smile.

Reading about natural disasters…what else?

Snacking and waiting for school to get out.

Signing M.

At a car show.

“taking a picture” of a cool car.

Little girl in a big truck…

Back for more bloodwork…

And…back again.

Little girl has had some problems with her immunosuppressant levels, so there has been many trips to the hospital the past couple weeks while we try to get her levels up.

Excited to get a package with her name on it… even if it IS just meds, haha.

Cute little gymnast…

Valentine’s sensory box.

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