Friday Phone Dump…

Morning hair…don’t care.

Reading with daddy.

Because when it’s library day, why wouldn’t you check out a dictionary? This girl…

Christmas crafting…

Little guy in a big chair…

Practicing her salute.

We love each other…

Our favorite marine…

Soldier face, which looks just like mad face.

First tooth lost…naturally, not at the dentist.

Little soldier boy.

A plate full of bean curd. It’s what she loves.

Grandpa love.

Reading at the bookstore.

Visiting Santa…it gives me all the feelings. Last year we visited this same Santa in November, and the very next day we got the call that there was a heart for tiny P.

Hair blown dry after a bath…makes me giggle.

Why is she so big?

She LOVES dr. Bear. She is scared to death of all Halloween costumes, and people in masks give her nightmares. But dr Bear, with his ginormous head is the love of her life.

These girls could not love this woman more. Our social worker at the hospital is fabulous, and adored by our whole family.

Little M was the proudest little girl to be invited to be a special guest by the hospital at the opening of the healing garden.

So big, and so precious. I love this girl.

Working hard on crafting…

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