Friday Phone Dump…

It makes her so excited when a package has her name on it…even when that giant package only has one medication in it…

Who needs toys? We have ice packs. Also, my Friday phone dumps will be very tiny P heavy now that the kids are in school.

First time riding the train at the mall. She said she has waited her whole life for this. Bless it.

Tiny, but tough. And she has grown just enough that her feet can touch the pedals.

All happy smiles, this was just before all the screaming because he had to get two shots.

Sometimes, if she doesn’t like what I am saying, she just closes her eyes, and pretends like I’m not there. Ha.

He’s a shark. It takes fo-evah for this boy to pick a Halloween costume, so when he does, we jump on it.

It’s hard to be three when all you want is a starbucks coffee. Life is hard.

Nap hair, don’t care…

Letters to friends in the hospital, by little M. “I’m a bit concerned of you.” Awww…

Crazy drivers in Home Depot.

When your little friends are in the hospital, that’s where you go for your playdates.

Sleeping babies are the best…

She said it was the best family day ever. Since her last family day was spent in the hospital, she might not be the best judge, but she sure is the cutest.

Taking daddy for a drive.

Writing down all her questions for the doctor.

Our little gymnast…

More hospital playdates…so much cute!

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