Friday Phone Dump…

Magnifying baby…

She’s so cute…it gets her out of a lot of trouble, haha.


There’s a lot here, but basically, she wants privacy, and no one may enter.

58. He’s 58, and he loves watching basketball and wearing basketball shirts. I don’t think the husband has watched a basketball game in our house since I have known him.

She’s playing, AND she touching the playground equipment.

Sometimes we sit out… and we think about our choices…poor sad boy.

Touching the playground is a huge step for our sensory avoidant tiny P, and she will only ever touch the plastic playgrounds.

You never know what you will find after quiet time, haha.

How you golf. And how you win… hole in one, every time, when you take the ball to the hole, and hit it right in.

Planting some little Summer seeds

I cannot even help you understand what is happening here. We do actually have real hats.

Her seeds have already started to grow, and she is the proudest.

The boy is sensory seeking, so he was very into the seed planting…we are not sure his seeds will grow, haha.

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