Friday Phone Dump…

Self dressing fail… All day at school like this! When I asked him how he went to the bathroom with his zipper in the back, he said “I don’t know, I just did. “

Cutest owl ever…

Sisters watching a show. Precious.

Mummy quesadilla. Halloween week has halloween dinners…

Crazy hair day at school. She was very proud to have her hair voted craziest for her class. Ha.

The baby got puffy. We took  pictures and emailed them to her cardiologist every day.

I love those cheeks…

Not so bad to wake up to this happy, puffy face in the morning!

In the hospital…in which we (she) told Ryan Seacrest that he could not take a picture with her because “no thank you, you not my friend.”

Blood work…boo.

Thrilled with hospital life.

I love bath time in the hospital, and I love my baby in these hair washing caps.

Go put your animals in the sink…that’s the same as brush your teeth and get ready for bed, right?

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