Friday Phone Dump…

Poor baby has started to get sad that she can’t keep up with her brother and sister…she stands at the window and watches them play outside. It’s the saddest.

Medicine face.

Sometimes you need to put on your princess tiara to eat breakfast.

Cutest pirate ever. Everyday… and probably for halloween, too

One of many checkups.

Not happy to be back at the hospital…

Big sister entertainment at the ER after removing her own G-tube.

Hoodie friends…

This boy… “mommy, this is a picture of me and my sisters, and my brother.” Your brother? What is your brother’s name? “Well, we don’t know yet, mommy, he is still in China.”

She saved up her allowance to buy captain America’s shield…oh yes she did.

She’s so tiny…she’ll be in the crib forever.

Sometimes everyone is busy, and you just have to drag your feeding backpack wherever you want to go.

Sometimes this is just what we do. Sometimes all day, sometimes all week, recently all month.

Waking up next to this cute little face…not so bad.

He loves going to the hospital, with the tv’s in every room…

She’s smiling, but she really was over the whole checkup before it even started.

This never happens, and this week it’s happened twice. Growth spurt, perhaps?


  1. Debbie Sauer on October 25, 2015 at 1:57 am

    Adorable as always! Love the comment about \”his brother in China.\” Go for it! Blessings

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