Friday Phone Dump…

Every time it rains this girl grabs her umbrella, and goes outside to “observe things, and conduct experiments.”

Watching a show…

In a box…

This one ate most of his allotted blue play doh one day at preschool last week. I don’t understand…

At the fish store.

In awe of the “pishies.”

She was so excited, and baby J kept talking about how he just wants to eat them.

A little Chipotle date with my baby.

Those glasses…at dinner. Hilarious.

Daddy love…

She’s such a little reader. I love it.

In a tree at school.


  1. Always wear your tiara on April 4, 2015 at 11:33 am

    I'm sorry all I could do was laugh out loud about Baby J eating the play doh and then wanting to eat the fishes. A growth spurt perhaps LOL

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